Thick cyanoacrylate adhesive Joker 20g

Thick cyanoacrylate adhesive Joker 20g

AF 53673

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  • Thick cyanoacrylate adhesive Joker 20g


Joker cyanoacrylate glue with a thick consistency, in several to several dozen seconds will stick metal, glass, wood, rubber, plastic (small amounts), ceramic surfaces, EPP and other materials. Indispensable especially in typical modeling work with wood, where it quickly forms a strong, tight and durable bond.

Packed in a round, airtight bottle with an applicator - glue content in the bottle: 50g.

Due to the dense consistency, the glue does not run down so quickly on the glued surface and stays where it is applied. Thanks to this, it is perfect for use, for example, in places where it is not possible to place the glued object in a horizontal position. The thick glue binds the glued surfaces in a slightly longer time than CA glues with a thinner consistency - it is therefore good for gluing two larger surfaces together, where after applying the glue in several places, the user will still have several or several dozen seconds for their proper positioning. When working with wood, the thick glue will not penetrate its structures so quickly and will remain on its surface after application - it is useful when larger and thicker pieces of wood are glued together, especially when it is necessary to fit them carefully.

To immediately harden the glued surfaces, we recommend using the glue in tandem with the Joker activator (accelerator) in a spray, which, after application in the place of gluing, will quickly harden the binder and complete the gluing process.

During use, basic safety precautions should be followed - the glue sticks together human skin dangerously quickly, it is highly poisonous, and its vapors are harmful. The glue should not be used by minors, unless under the strict control and care of an adult.

AF 53673


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